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Top Five Free iPhone Apps

Want to get more free and practical apps to your iPhone? But when you look for any list of the best iPhone apps on the internet, the results will make you feel frustrated. There are too many recommendations. Even if you narrow down your search range, there are still a lot of recommendations for your consideration.

This list of top 5 free iPhone apps is for busy people who want to cut to the chase. These five apps are the most essential ones that I think everyone need download.

Those apps cover the basic functions that most of us need in our daily life: find information, entertain yourself  and so on, which will make the iPhone more powerful and make our life more convenient and colorful.


Appandora box


Productivity enthusiasts like the free Web version app Asana very much, which can get their teamwork done more efficiently. Also, it's one of the most popular productivity apps on the market. And, the companion mobile apps including the free Asana iPhone app, are integral to the Asana experience. If you always manage your tasks by using Asana, the iPhone app is an essential addition.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express


Until recently, digital photography editing has been a task best suited to desktop and laptop computers. And, Adobe has proven it can be done in the mobile space via the Apps Photoshop Express, a free photo-editing application for iOS devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad. Photoshop Express is a powerfull mobile app and can even reduce noise that show up on photos.

In a word, Adobe Photoshop Express is a professional light photo editor on your iPhone.




The BillGuard app is capable of connecting you to your online credit card statements and flags merchants who frequently charge consumers for products or services. BillGuard is one individual finance app to keep on your side.

So, just get this app on your iPhone, you will know your credit card statements whenever and wherever possible.



Diggs App


The Digg app can bring all the online news and content that you’d like to read into one convenient place. It contains an RSS feed reader, which is the big selling point of this free app. In addition to all the blogs and news in your custom feed, meanwhile, the Digg App will also recommend other content to you.

Believe you will enjoy much!





Dropbox is a well-known and popular cloud storage for all kinds of files. If your files always live all over the place such as your office computer, home desktop, laptop, well, having a dependable and safe backup program is a must. Dropbox will let you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere It has a simple interface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across all accounts.

This app is really a great tool to back up or share our iPhone data, it is worth a try!


Tips. How to Manage iPhone Apps Freely

If you would like to manage your iPhone Apps well, this Free Appandora iPhone Apps Manager will be your cup of tea. Just download and have a try.

Under My Device, click Apps tab on the left panel of Appandora.

Appandora iOS Apps Management

Step 1: Click Apps tab on the left panel and the main window would display all apps installed in your device.

Step 2: Choose operation from Install, Uninstall, Backup.

Syncios box

Syncios is a free yet powerful iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android to PC transfer software that enables you transfer Messages, Call logs, Contacts, App, Music, Photo, Video, Ebook between PC and your iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android devices. Besides this, you can also get unlimited wallpaper and ringtons on iPhone/iPad/iPod by Syncios Mobile Manager.